THE ATMOSPHERE...The workshop is a nine minute, quiet and pleasant walk from Bounds Green tube station and is set in a tranquil garden. 

My teaching style is focused but fun and, during the course, not only will you learn a set of new skills but you will probably learn that applying them can transport you to a new level of focus and detachment that is enriching.

"What a fantastic day. I knew it would be from your website and previous student comments, but it still exceeded expectations. From the word go I felt incredibly relaxed, looked after and in the perfect surroundings to learn and have fun. The way the day was arranged was brilliant - the perfect speed, fantastically explained and funny.

Not only did I leave the workshop with a better-than-expected product, the general atmosphere and camaraderie between you and us students has had me beaming ever since. I would recommend this course to anyone - I cannot praise the day enough."

             (Ben Rollo-Hayward - June 2015)




THE VENUE... The courses take place in a purpose built garden workshop and each 'student' has a full size woodwork bench, vice and a set of tools to themselves.

"Thank you so much! I thoroughly enjoyed your woodwork course over the last couple of Saturdays. Your workshop is a thing of beauty and I thought that you managed to blend a perfect balance of knowledge, guidance and patience throughout. And ... I love my coffee table! "

                            (Martin Burke June 2017)

Three London woodwork class students working in a well equipped woodwork shop.
The London Woodwork Classes teacher demonstrating traditional planing skills.


ME... I trained as a woodwork, metalwork and design teacher in the 70's at a time when high level craft skills and an understanding of materials were seen as the bedrock of good design.

During the eleven years prior to my retirement I was Head of Design at a North London 6th Form College and I got most of my job satisfaction from teaching those two same elements.

'London Woodwork Classes' enables me to continue to teach others the joy of using tools to fashion materials into something useful and aesthetically pleasing.

"Thank you for the course. As you know I have attended several woodworking courses and yours is significantly superior to the others. To start with your many years as a teaching professional shines through and a significant advantage. Your easy style was nicely balanced with the teaching principle of 'reach and grasp'...." 

               (Dan Skipworth-Michell - May 2017)

London Woodwork Class student demonstrating traditional chiselling of a housing joint.

THE EXPERIENCE.... The key to achieving rewarding results when woodworking is accuracy. This is not a gift but something that can be taught. Each course starts with a simple marking up and cutting exercise and at the end of it you will be able to mark up and saw to a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm!

Following this you will have each stage of the course demonstrated, have a go yourself where appropriate, have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish (this is encouraged and is an integral part of learning) and then you will apply your learning to your own work.

"Ian was a fantastic teacher; the coffee table's design is such that you are able to learn a multitude of woodworking/carpentry techniques; the course is so much more than just a coffee table - moreso an open-book for eager learners. Ian is open to share his experience and knowledge should you have any questions. I learnt so much more than I thought I would. His design, teaching, and guidance during the project have inspired me to get back to practising on my own."

(Olivier Phaneuf - October 2017)