New Coffee Table_edited.jpg

NEW Coffee Table Course...

18 Hours: Two consecutive Saturdays :
Session 1:   8.45-17:15; 
Session 2:  8.45-18:15

The NEW coffee table is made from Canadian or Europen Redwood and has a butt and biscuit jointed top with a display cavity covered by an acrylic sheet set in a routed rebate. A mortice and tenon and dowel jointed frame supports the top.

The dimensions are: 419Hx584Wx584D.

You will be taught how to:

  • select and and mark up timber;

  • correctly use a range of measuring and marking-up tools​;

  • set a plane correctly;

  • sharpen chisels and plane irons; 

  • saw, chisel and plane to a high standard of accuracy;

  • mark up and cut, halving, mitre, dowel and mortice and tenon joints;

  • screw and glue components together;

  • pin and glue components together;

  • glue and cramp-up jointed components;

  • safely use a pillar drill, chop saw, morticing machine, band saw and biscuit jointer;

  • use a router to cut a rebate in the top to house the acrylic panel

  • sand and finish components.

Cost: £248.00

Availability: Three spaces per course