The Picture is Display Box Course product displaying various interesting objects and succulant plants.

Display Box

6.5 Hours: 8.00am - 2.30pm Saturday or Sunday.

The 'Display Box' takes the form of a jointed woo den frame which houses a single shelf. The bottom section is divided into two equal spaces. The frame is rebated to house the tongue and groove back. The timber used is Redwood and the product can be used free standing or hung on a wall.

The dimensions are: 220 x 193 x 69.


You will be taught how to:

  • correctly use basic measuring and marking up tools;

  • saw and chisel accurately;

  • use a rebate plane;

  • cut housing joints;

  • cut lap joints;

  • glue and cramp up components;

  • pin and glue components;

  • plane to a high level of accuracy and finish.

Cost: £108.00 

Availability: Three spaces per course