A tempting photograph of the completed plant hanger with a plant in a terracotta pot. The picture shows both the hanger and the frame and the joints uswd in the construction are visible.

Plant Hanger Course

4.5 Hours: 2.30pm-7.00pm Sunday afternoon 

              or  8.00am-12.30pm Sunday morning

The 'Plant Hanger' takes the form of a jointed wooden frame which supports a terracotta flower pot and base. The frame is hung on nylon cord from a jointed wooden support bracket that can be screwed or velcro'd to a wall or window frame. The support bracket could also be hung from a picture pin.

The dimensions of the frame are approx. 290x155x80

                                             and the hanger 250x125x20.


You will be taught how to:

  • correctly use basic measuring and marking up tools;

  • saw and chisel accurately;

  • use a hand mitre saw;

  • cut housing joints;

  • cut keyed mitre joints;

  • cut cross halving joints;

  • pin and glue components

  • drill clearance holes and countersink;

  • use all the features of a cordless power drill;

  • glue components together.

Cost: £78.00 (including terracotta plant pot and base)​​

Availability: Three spaces per course