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2018 Reviews

I attended the Spice Rack course held by Ian and recommend it thoroughly. The courses are organised to not have too many people so Ian can dedicate plenty of time to each student with hands on examples, talking us through each stage and answering any question with patience.

Ian is a highly competent woodworker and excellent teacher with great humour and plenty of tea and biscuits. The quality and cost are incomparable, I've been to a couple of other woodworking courses in London and this one is definitely the best.

(Adam Murray - January 2018)  

Woodworking with attention to detail and passion.
Ian is a truly excellent teacher. He has great attention to detail and will really push you to strive for excellence and accuracy. His decades of experience with teaching and woodworking as well as his passion for the subject shine through at any moment.
Our class had only three students which allowed for a very targeted tutoring experience. Ian was very good at answering any questions and providing a helping hand when needed. He also had prepared a variety of ingenious, laser-cut jigs and precisely planed wood to facilitate the project. Cookies (both wheat and wood based), tea and coffee were served throughout the day. Additionally, his very good sense of humor turned the two Saturday coffee table course into not only a very insightful and rewarding, but also thoroughly enjoyable and pleasant experience.
His garden workshop shed is a treasure trove full of ideas on tool setup and workshop layout that provides much inspiration for anyone who is currently setting up a workshop.
I highly recommend Ian's London Woodwork Classes

(Christian Gleissner - January 2018)

I recently attended Ian's course to make a coffee table, split over two consecutive Saturday's. Ian has years of experience and passion about woodwork which helped to make the whole time enjoyable and interesting. I haven't done any woodwork for about 15 years but under Ian's guidance I was able to make a great coffee table. I re-learned things from school as well as new skills I hadn't done before, and Ian taught in such a way that I would be confident in using those new skills in my own projects at home, which was my reason for attending the course.

(James Senior - January 2018)

Over two Sunday morning courses with Ian, I, a complete woodworking novice, built from scratch an entire spice rack. Ian is a fantastic teacher who, as a former CDT teacher, has the wealth of knowledge and obvious passion for the craft to make him a truly effective teacher. Working in a small group in his homebuilt and well appointed studio, we had plenty of time with the tutor (which you won't get at many other courses) and worked with some beautifully maintained tools. I really cannot recommend Ian highly enough; not only did I leave with a handcrafted product but also with valuable woodworking knowledge to apply to my own future projects.

(Nick Jackson - January 2018)

I really enjoyed my 2 Sunday morning sessions this month on Ian's Spice Rack Course. Ian is an excellent teacher. He teaches you how to stand, position yourself to use all the tools competently and safely. There is so much you can pick up in person from Ian's instructions that you do not get from a video or a book. Am a complete beginner prior to attending Ian's courses. I previously did his Planter Course which was also very enjoyable and a great learning and satisfying experience. So much fun! Am going to sign up for the Coffee Table Course soon! Can't wait!!!

(Jacqueline Tang - January 2018)

I have just completed the 16hr coffee table making course and would like to thank Ian for making it so enjoyable and rewarding.
With his obvious love for his craft and an endless supply of tea and biscuits , I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to challenge themselves and create a thing of beauty ( hopefully )!

(Guy Wilton - February 2018)

Ian is a brilliant teacher- clear and thoughtful! Really happy with the planter box 🙂👍

(Heather Purnell - February 2018)

Great course! Learned a lot and a fantastic end product. Small class size was optimal, and Ian was a great teacher! Would definitely recommend!

(Lauren Melleney - February 2018)

I attended the spice rack course on two Sunday mornings. It was a very relaxed and fun environment with plenty of tea! I was impressed with the variety of skills that I learnt in a relatively short space of time.
Ian is a great teacher and very knowledgable! I have learnt so many tricks and tips that I would never have thought of! Would definitely recommend!

(Amrita Soor - February 2018)

The Planter Box course is perfect for a complete beginner and makes a great end product. Ian is a very patient and kind teacher who creates a relaxed atmosphere to learn in. If you want to start learning a new skill or do something a bit different, this course is for you.

(James Evans - February 2018)

This course exceeded my high expectations: simply one of the best presents I have ever received. Ian is a friendly, gifted tutor and has clearly put considerable thought into the design of the course. The atmosphere was sociable and relaxed, but also maintained a pace of learning that I found extremely satisfying, aided by the small class size (Ian plus three of us). I got a great balance between the progress of getting my coffee table done (it looks great and I am very proud of it!) and learning woodworking skills that I will be able to use again and again. I cannot recommend this course highly enough - thank you Ian!

(Ed Young - March 2018)

I did the Spice rack course. Ian was excellent - he cared about our work as much as we did and I learnt a lot of new skills (I had never done woodwork before). The woodshed is very well set up and you have your own workstation. Recommending to anyone trying to learn something new in a relaxed (but busy!) atmosphere.

(Marion Brethé - March 2018)

I can’t recommend Ian’s woodwork courses highly enough! The 2 day spice rack course was great fun and you leave feeling incredibly proud with your handmade creation!
Ian is a great teacher and the group size of 3 means everyone gets plenty of individual attention and can learn plenty.

(James Burton - March 2018)

Loved the course. Ian is a great teacher - knowledgeable, constructive and fun. Small class size ensures high level of attention and good interaction with your classmates. Learned a number of new skills, had a good time and came away with a coffee table that I'll enjoy for years.

(Claude Rankin - March 2018)

I attended the coffee table course over 2 Sundays. It was brilliant! Ian is a great teacher and complete craftsman. The course is designed to incorporate many different techniques and Ian is always on hand to provide tips and tricks to make life easier. Whether you've never picked up a saw or are already a competent DIYer you will leave a better and safer woodworker and with a professional looking coffee table as well. I'm looking forward to putting my newly learnt skills into practice. Highly recommended!

(Rory Twogood - March 2018)

Great course and fantastic teacher. Very easy to follow and pick up as a novice. Looking forward to coming again!

(Tom Celia - April 2018)

One of those rare occasions when I felt like what was advertised was exactly what I got. Really enjoyable couple of mornings spent in Ian's very well equipped workshop in good company, learning a lot and taking home a spice rack that's so professional-looking I can hardly believe I had such a big hand in making it. I had no prior experience in carpentry bar some misspent GCSE classes, and now I feel like I could genuinely make a start on something (if I had the room!) Great value for money and highly recommended.

(Ben Ahmedy - May 2018)

Lovely Christmas gift from my wife and well worth the journey from SE London. A very enjoyable day and learnt some useful skills! Next project, an Ark!

(Dave Shaw - May 2018)

Small class size with a great teacher that puts you at ease and teaches with attention to detail.

(Jerome George - May 2018)

A super interesting day, sheer joy of doing woodwork in the amazing setting of Ian's back garden shed. The shed he built himself and I learnt a lot just by watching how everything is oragnised. In fact, order and accuracy are first and foremost in Ian's approach to woodwork and I've taken in a lot from that. Above all Ian is a lovely person and a fantastic teacher, I can't wait until my next booked workshop in October. Thanks!

Shlomi - June 2018)

I rarely make reviews, but this one is worth it. Ian's course is simply amazing. He's a patient and great instructor and because it's a small group, it feels almost like a private class. Fun, good learning, an amazing experience!

(Ana Maria - June 2018)

I had the most amazing time building the spice rack. Ian is a very patient, passionate and funny teacher and it was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. The course takes place is his shed (which he built himself) and has everything you'd ever need. I will 100% be coming back to build something else! Thanks Ian

(James Tarris - June 2018)

Outstanding teacher with lighthearted humour thrown in for good measure made it fun and focused, Ian's workshop is full of precise and perfect tools for any woodwork job, including razor sharp chisels, saws, and pencils! You even your own top of the range power drill. The end result is very professional-looking, impressive to others so you can show it off with pride, yet achieved almost effortlessly due to the high quality instruction including exemplary time management, the best tools, and of course a few nice biscuits ;)

(Mark Kuch - September 2018)

The class was small and friendly, and Ian had a lovely approach to teaching. He was generous with his time and stories, very patient, and made it an absolute pleasure to learn. I was given this as a present, but would love to go back and learn more. I would recommend this class to anyone, whether beginners or more experienced in woodwork as Ian's knowledge and skill were awesome.

(Jenny Svanberg - September 2018)

Having done the spice rack and coffee table courses I can say that I will miss Ian's shed. It is a real oasis of saws, chisels, classic fm and biscuits. Ian is a true gent, full of knowledge and keen to pass it on. A calm and courteous teacher, he has helped to nurse my burgeoning interest in woodwork into a full-blown hobby.

(Richard Moore - September 2018)

October and November courses cancelled because of injury.

2019 Reviews

Very good! I set out to learn a few things from this course and picked up even more! The dovetails came out great, learning planing techniques was very helpful as well as proper gluing technique. I'm looking forward to trying it all out at home.

(Jason Molyneux - January 2019)

Great value. Ian knows his stuff and how to pass it on. Plenty of one on one attention. Patient - indefatigable even - in the face of left -handed incompetence. Strongly recommended.

(Gordon Bennett - January 2019)

What a great experience! I have had such a great time learning from Ian. He's a great teacher with an unlimited amount of patience and what seems like an infinite supply of tea. I took the spice rack course with absolutely no expectations and was very happy with the outcome. Even though I set out wanting to learn the basic skills necessary to complete a beginners' carpentry project without worrying what it looks like, Ian made sure that I paid attention to aesthetic details of my work too. The result exceeded my expectations!

(Mateusz Bernatek - January 2019)

Just completed the two day spice rack course, booked by my wife as a gift. The course was so enjoyable and taught me much more than I expected about woodworking projects and has given me the confidence to start a few projects at home that I’ve been forever putting off ! The class was perfectly run by Ian, who was the perfect teacher and host throughout my visits. I hadn’t expected to find the class so relaxing but I was in a very happy place whilst chiseling away to classical music with an endless supply of tea and biscuits ! I would very highly recommend taking advantage of the classes available !!!

(Kevin Keany - January 2019)

I did last week a woodwork class and it was amazing. The class size was small, relax environment, teacher with the patients of a saint. I learned a lot of new skills and even managed to get home with a key cabinet that looks great (just a warning, you might be expected to make aIl furniture in the house after you show your work). I will definitely book an other course as it was great fun!!

(Marco Bergfeld  - January 2019)

This course was even better than I expected. It was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend 2 Sundays and I couldn't be prouder of the spice rack I produced. Everyone I've shown the rack to loves it and has been amazed that I could produce that given I hadn't ever used a saw before the course. Since attending the course just two weeks ago, I have bought some tools and am now confidently fixing things at home!
I must also say that Ian is a wonderful teacher. He is funny and kind and explains things really clearly. He was a pleasure to spend time with and I am going to sign up for another of his courses soon.

(Helen O'Brien - January 2019)

I was at first sceptical that I would be able to put together a decent looking coffee table in just two days. Thus I was surprised on Sunday when I got home and had a great looking coffee table made all by myself (with a lot of supervision and correction from Ian). I could not have asked for a better teacher with Ian bringing plenty of experience teaching all sorts of woodworking. He was knowledgeable, clear, patient and overall very friendly. He worked tirelessly to make sure that we could take home something we could be proud of and in the process learn how to use the tools effectively and safely. Thank you again Ian for a great course. I would highly recommend this to anyone who, like me, wants to be able to do something more with their hands other than type on a keyboard.

(Chris Perez - February 2019)

The perfect way to spend a Sunday. Ian provides a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere and is very attentive with his students. Always on hand to answer questions and help when needed. I took the spice rack course and found that it gave me the opportunity to get hands on and improve my technique with a number of tools. Plane and chisels in particular.

(Kyri Evangelou - February 2019)

Just did the display box course having had no prior experience working with wood and I would highly recommend it to anyone! Ian was a great tutor, highly informative and a really good laugh too. The groups are small so you don't feel neglected at any point throughout. Ian was clear in explaining practical techniques as well as how to become familiarised with and maintain the tools we used, which was really helpful and interesting. I was genuinely taken aback by how well my finished display box turned out and walked away from the course feeling extremely fulfilled. I'll definitely be looking at doing some more of Ian's courses in the future!

(Antoni Alston - March 2019)

I had a really enjoyable two Saturdays with Ian building a spice rack. Ian is a pleasure to spend time with, and is obviously very skilled at his craft. It also shows that he has been teaching it for 40 years as he nicely balanced demonstrating and challenging us to do it. His workshop is also great (it has that lovely, nostalgic smell of sawdust) and he has literally every tool under the sun. I feel I am better equipped now for my solo projects, and I would highly recommend the class.

(Cian O Morain - March 2019)

I enjoyed my 2 Saturdays building the coffee table, Ian is pleasure to work with and the time flew by.
Ian is skilled and knowledgable and taught us lots of different techniques and ways throughout the build on how to complete the task at hand.
Ian cares about the students and the work they produce. I learnt a great deal and would highly recommend his workshops

(Neil Starkowitz - April 2019)

I had a wonderfully enjoyable two Saturdays making a coffee table from scratch. Ian is a great teacher and instructor and good company. His demonstrations and explanations made the process easier to understand and also gave insight into why particular techniques were used. The class size was small and Ian was very attentive.

(Rachel Williams - April 2019)

I'm not surprised Ian is consistently receiving 5 star reviews. I was a bit nervous spending so much time in an intimate setting but I couldn't think of a nicer way to have spent a Sunday and I'd love to come back for another project, if only for the experience. Keep up the good work, Ian!! :)

(Dyra Trikka - May 2019)

Had a great time learning to build the key cabinet. Looking forward to trying out my new skills! Thanks Ian.

(Fergus MacGarry - May 2019)

As usual, two days well spent and a coffee table that looks good and is being used already.
Ian is a great teacher and very patient allowing you to work at a steady pace and you will definitely take home a piece you can use.
This was my fifth time of attending and I have booked again for October. Great fun every time.

(Paul Power - June 2019)

Amazing course. I made the coffee table over 2 Saturdays, thoroughly enjoyed it. Tutor was helpful, patient and friendly. He even stayed late the last day to help me child proof the corners of my table.

(Tom Corbett - June 2019)

I attended the Display box course. It was clearly, very thoughtfully put together and Ian’s passion for teaching and woodwork made the day extremely enjoyable! I look forward to attending further courses soon .

(Maya Mallar - September 2019)

Very fun and supportive environment, I definitely feel more comfortable attempting projects at home.

(Max Wills - October 2019)

Really enjoyed the course. The teaching and facility's were excellent .

(Tim McWhinnie - October 2019)

Great course, good fun and a result! I was looking to specifically learn mechanical/fundamental woodwork techniques and some unwritten knowledge and that's exactly what I got. I will definitely come back for more.

(Michal Haris - October 2019)

Really enjoyable course. Learnt many different techniques using both hand and machine tools whist making a coffee table, that even my wife likes. Picked up lots of hints and tips that seem to only come from those with many years experience. The instructor Ian was very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended.

(James Waters - November 2019)

I attended the spice rack course which was fantastic. As a complete beginner I am happy to say I picked up many skills and feel confident tackling future projects. Ian is an extremely patient teacher with a wealth of expertise. I would highly recommend this course to people of all abilities.

(Sonia Kang - January 2020)

What a great start to the year this was! A relaxing but thorough wood work out with a patient and hugely experienced teacher who really knows how to inspire. I would reccommend this (making a spice rack, but frankly all of the making options look good) to anyone. A pleasure to be taught by a true craftsman.

(Sara Byers - January 2020)

Amazing teacher, very patient and knowledgable, learned many new skills. Would absolutely recommend!

(Kerry Hehir - January 2020)