Spice Rack Course...

10.5 hours. Two consecutive Sunday Mornings


Session 1:  8.00am -12.30pm

Session 2: 8.00am - 2.00pm

The 'Spice Rack' takes the form of a jointed wooden frame made from Canadian or European Redwood. The frame is backed with 'pine' tongue and groove. The mitred decorative mouldings are optional.

The dimensions are approx. 370Hx300Wx76D.

You will be taught how to:

  • correctly use a range of measuring and marking-up tools​

  • set a plane correctly;

  • sharpen chisels and plane irons; 

  • saw, chisel and plane to a high standard of accuracy;

  • cut lap and through housing joints;

  • plane housings to depth using a router plane;

  • glue and cramp-up jointed components;

  • cut mitre joints;

  • pin and glue components;

  • sand and finish components.

Cost: £148.00

Availability: Three spaces per course

The filled spice rack made on the London woodwork course