Woodwork starter tool kit...

Here is a list of tools, most of which you have used on the course, that you might consider buying as a 'starter kit'. I have created links to Amazon for most of them but you might prefer to buy the tools from your nearest tool shop who should be able to get close to Amazon's prices if you ask them.

  • Black and  Decker ‘Workmate’ 626 This is a oollapsible workbench that folds up to an easily storable size and yet provides, a solid surface to work on. It doubles as a woodwork vice.I think the 626 is the best value for money AMAZON LINK


  • Axminster Bench Hook This should really be a woodworkers first project but to get a flying start you might want to buy one! Used to saw on to and against to protect your workmate or bench. AXMINSTER LINK


  • Spear and Jackson Tenon Saw. A traditionally constructed general purpose 'back' saw that cuts across and along the wood grain. You might want to investigate non-resharpenable alternatives that are throw-away but very good value for money. Here is the Spear and Jackson AMAZON LINK


  • Silverline Engineer’s 150mm Trysquare. Used for drawing lines at 90 degrees to an edge and for checking for 'square'.AMAZON LINK 


  • Draper Expert Chisel Set A set of six bevel edged chisels, a sharpening stone and sharpening guide. AMAZON LINK


  • Am - Tec Beech Wood Mallet Used in conjunction with the chisels. AMAZON LINK


  • Irwin Record Jack Plane A quality general purpose bench plane. AMAZON LINK


  • Draper 300mm Steel Rule A precision made product with etched scales. Much cheaper alternatives you might want to consider but this make should prove to be a 'lifetime' product AMAZON LINK




  • Irwin/Marples Mortice/Marking Gauge Combination. An expensive tool but, again, a lifetime product and worth investing in. Two tools in one too! AMAZON LINK


....and a very sharp HB/2H pencil to achieve that +/- 0.1mm accuracy!